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Some suggestions

#1 by Lomba1986 , Thu Jul 11, 2024 12:28 pm

Dear all,
I would like to propose these suggestions:
- An icon near the name of task/program that show the current status of it: run/stopped

- something that check when K-IDE establishes the connection with a controller if the serial number is the same or not and asks, if they not match, what the operator want: prooced or not.
At the moment there is nothing that alerts so at the moment is possible send a project for one robot into a another controller.

- a shortcut (as CTRL+F) in order to search into the project. At hte moment CRTL+F open the FIND but is just into the file that has the focus. Better if with CRTL+F K-IDE open a window that permits to choose where search (file, project, selection), set the filter (as whole words, case sentitve...)

- Inspection list with a higher frequency: at the moment in order to see a current value of variable into the inspection list the system take more or less 1 or 2 seconds, but sometime this is too high in order to understand what happen

Thanks in advance

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RE: Some suggestions

#2 by cquante , Fri Jul 12, 2024 7:40 am

Hi Lomba,

thank you for your suggestions!

  1. This is problematic due to transmission rate. If K-IDE wants to know the state of the controller, it must send a type command and listen to the respond. That takes some time and in that time, no other communication can be done. Even the logging should be switched of in that time. So you will likely not see anything in "Terminal&Log" window if this function is enabled. And even any other features that needs the communication line like inspection and up- / download will be involved. Is it so importand to know the program state each and any time?
  2. It is possible to check the serial number. Good idea!
  3. The shortcut <Ctrl>+<F> is caught by the editor. It is very commonly used to search in the current text.
  4. The inspection frequency is not limited by the coding, but by the technology. The more elements you want to see at once, the slower the response time. Please keep in mind that it will take 6 or more type commands to read out a position variable (TYPE DEXT (var, 1), DEXT (var, 2), ...). K-IDE tries to put as much type commands as possible into one command line, but the command line is limited to 80 characters which mostly leeds to multiple TYPE commands for one position variable. Depending on your connection spped, each TYPE command will take at least ~100ms (if connected to K-Roset). => If you want to inspect some specific variable in higher frequency, you may use separate inspection lists. You'll find that feature when clicking on "*Standard*" lable.

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