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BETA / Update

#1 by cquante , Wed Feb 23, 2022 2:16 pm

This is a new bugfix for version It fixes the following issues:

  1. Previously only 78 characters are accepted in the terminal input line but there was no response if you type more and it leads into confusion if you type but no more characters are displayed. Now you'll get a feedback when trying to input more than 78 characters. The input line will become red.
  2. K-IDE will now generate the xml files if they are missing on startup. The only things you'll need to start will be at least one language recource dll and the dll files in the K-IDE directory. You can also delete unused language resources. Of cause starting without any xml files is not recommented and there are some missing features like syntax highlighting and other.
  3. Fixed a translation issue with local numeric format (like German numeric format) and us numeric format when changing position values.
  4. Fixed an issue with the data handling of the interface panel (control box). Thanks to @zuoyuanchun .

As always: feel free to download, install and test the new update and leave your comments! - Thank you!

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BETA / Update
BETA / Update

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