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#1 by MDK_Sanovo , Mon Aug 29, 2022 3:44 pm


We are using KIDE for all our projects. And we love the nice folder and variable structure.
Our only issue is how to update IDE comment when we are just adding variables to an existing robot.

When you have a project already uploaded using the upload all button. The folder structure comes in nicely when you download the program from the robot.
But if i add fx. another input under "SIGNAL: inputs". that variable goes under Reals when i do a download.
Would it be possible to update the .IDE_CMT with this single variable when you add it.
Or is there another procedure to update .IDE_CMT?


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#2 by cquante , Thu Sep 01, 2022 8:31 am


if you add new variables, comments and program structure, you have to let the robot know about your changes in the "project documentation". This documentation is a block of text that represents your comments and other settings in the K-IDE that is not known by the robot controller. Changing a program or adding a variable does not change that documentation for safety reasons. You have to update the documentation manually by one of the following actions:

  • Right-click on "AS file" (the root entry) in the AS file tree and choose "Send project documentation"
  • In the "Send AS file to the robot" dialog check "IDE comments" in "User data"
  • When disconnection select the option "Send KIDE comments to the robot"

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