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Comming soon... Error Document

#1 by cquante , Thu Apr 02, 2020 4:04 pm

Maybe you know the "Trouble Shooting Manual" and the functionality in K-IDE to quickly view the corresponding page in that manual when requesting error information in the error log window?

Maybe not all people are able to get a copy of the above manual but like to see more information for a specific error message. In one of the next builds there'll be a new solution for that with the following advantages:

  • Support for more than one error list
  • Additional information included such as Cubic-S
  • Free to use for all customers

There will be an additional combo box in the toolbar of the error log window allowing you to select the correct Error Document. The first entry will be taken as default.

The list of error documents is filtered by the controller type of your project or the connected controller. If the controller type cannot be mentioned, the full list of documents will be shown and you are able to select one. An additional entry will be added first that points to the "Trouble Shooting Manual" selected in the K-IDE-Settings.

At the moment we are prepairing and testing the manuals for this functionallity.|addpics|s5l-5-5f6d.png-invaddpicsinvv,s5l-6-36c8.png-invaddpicsinvv|/addpics|

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