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#1 by cquante , Sat Nov 21, 2020 10:33 am

As you may already realized, yesterday (20.11.2020) a new version of the K-IDE was released. So we proudly present: K-IDE final release!

There are very minor changes and bug fixes since the last BETA or update version.

We saw no big issues or show stoppers in the last few weeks so we decided to do this step to the final stage. Of cause this does not mean that we don't take any more bug reports. If you find any further error or got any problems running K-IDE please tell us in this forum.

As in the last BETA release ( the setup installs some additional documents to your KIDE folder. This documents are "EDOC", "ASRef" and the manuals in German and English language. You will find the documents in your "...\KIDE\Doc" folder.

The EDOC documents are used to give more informations about most of the error messages in the error log. You don't need to open the documentation manually because it's linked from the specific error entry in the error log window in K-IDE.

The ASRef documents are used to give more informations about a specific AS command when coding your robot program in one of the editors. To use this feature, please set the cursor on an AS command in the editor and then press <Alt>+<F1>. The Acrobat Reader will be started and searching for that command. This documents are present in German and English languages.

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K-IDE version
K-IDE version

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