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Some features implementation

#1 by dm.bogachev , Wed Nov 23, 2022 1:55 pm


It's me again with the ideas of features to implement :)

1. First, It's an analogue of KRTerm dialog and Macro feature. The idea is to implement some customised buttons which allows you to execute one or more terminal commands. I often use this feature while debugging.
2. Another feature is a feature that I have spotted in KUKA development program. Idea is the following: it's the same as "Search points of use" in KIDE, but it shows the action with the variable (like, read or write). I think that it will be great if KIDE will show me is variable is read, write or, maybe, it used as a signal number.
3. Save programs in different files. Like then you ask KIDE to export programs, it will be great if KIDE offers to save each program in a different file.

P.S. I know C#, so if sharing a source code is not a problem, I wouldn't mind suggesting features with implementation. :)

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RE: Some features implementation

#2 by cquante , Mon Nov 28, 2022 7:39 am

Hi Dmitrii,

thank you for your suggestions!

  1. Good idea! Can you give me an example for such a batch?
  2. Maybe useful but hard to realize. You have to analyze the code for identifying read and write operations. Actually the K-IDE does not step too deep into the AS syntax to find that information.
  3. What is the use case for saving each program in a separate file?

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RE: Some features implementation

#3 by zuoyuanchun , Tue Dec 13, 2022 6:57 pm

I add a project in github.
This tool can save the interface panel data and program data in the full data file in different files in the same directory,
The program file name is the same as the name in the program



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Optionally store programs and variables seperated
Load and prime button

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