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Error in the table of positions

#1 by Roger_Kaisereng , Sun Apr 16, 2023 8:47 am


After saving and synchronising the project, the values of the 7th axis are missing in the table of positions.

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RE: Error in the table of positions

#2 by cquante , Tue Apr 18, 2023 6:35 am

Dear Roger,

7th axis values are stored in K-IDE if ether the 7th axis is set in the robot's system data or 7th axis values exists in the position data. If non of this is the case, 7th axis values are lost. K-IDE never throw away any axis data. If at least one position contains seven or more axis values, K-IDE enables that number of axis values for all positions.

Just a guess: the 7th axis was not set correctly in the controller and the values are ignored when uploading the data (by the controller). After "sync" (load AS data from the robot), no 7th axis values are found in the position data nor 7th axis information was given by the system data of the robot. Therefor K-IDE will not show 7th axis values.

If you save a project with 7th axis data to a file, the 7th axis values are never ignored even if the system data is not set correctly. That is handled by the K-IDE itself to prevent loosing 7th axis data when storing data without system data.

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