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Error connecting to D controller

#1 by BlacklegEngineer , Thu Mar 30, 2023 8:22 pm

Hi folks,

Has any of you managed to connect to a D-Series controller using KIDE through the Ethernet port?

Until now, I've been able to connect using either KRTerm or Notepad++ for AS and a crossover Ethernet cable. However, KIDE seems to be unable to even establish a connection to the controller. I always get an error connecting to the robot message with no further explanations.

I've also tried disabling the firewall, updating KIDE or connecting from a different computer, with same results. I've already made sure that I'm using the same IP and port as when I use the aforementioned softwares.

I can connect with the same computers and KIDE to three E-series controllers in another facility. Apart from the controller version or IP range, the only known difference is that I'm connecting to those controllers through an Ethernet switch rather than directly by means of a crossover cable.

The robot is a ZX165U-B001 and firmware version is AS_0100020J.

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RE: Error connecting to D controller

#2 by cquante , Mon Apr 03, 2023 9:09 am


just a guess: the D-Con firmware you mentioned is not compatible with KRCC used by K-IDE. I once saw this issue on a BETA firmware where the KRCC functionality was not enabled.

As your firmware is the latest D-Con firmware I found, it seems that D-Con is not supported at all by KRCC. I know about some people successfully connect to D+-Con.

I'm afraid the only way to work with K-IDE is to use KR-Term to transfer data to and from the robot.

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