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lift restrictions on terminal commands

#1 by TRapp , Mon Jun 26, 2023 8:43 am

many terminal commands are blocked in K-IDE (for example DO DRIVE, DO JMOVE, LOAD, SAVE, EDIT, ... etc.)
I guess the reason is because the functions can be also done somewhere in K-IDE ... (and maybe because K-IDE wants to keep synchronized ?)

But as a user it's much faster for me to type "do drive 3.10" or "do lmove #p_out" than clicking through the K-IDE interface.
sometimes I also just want to (side) load some test program "load test.pg" .... or save something "save/r test"

And even the native editor is not very convenient .... sometimes it's just faster to edit directly on the robot.
Because with K-IDE need to upload the program (wait 3000ms...) and the whole process will take more time ...

Switching back and forward between KRterm and K-IDE terminal is also no good option ...

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