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BETA / Update

#1 by cquante , Tue May 04, 2021 1:04 pm

This update finishes the "command inspection" functionality added in It is now possible to use, add, edit and delete command inspection templates. A first list of templates are already included into this update archive. Please copy the file "InspectCommands.xml" when updating!

To use the templates please go to the inspection list and add a new item there:

In the dialog use the "..." button on the command side of the window:

You will now find a new window showing all available predefined inspection commands:

It is possible to add some more commands or edit / delete the existing once.

Other Changes:
New options in the wedding dialog
It is now possible to select whether you like to include "SYSDATA" and "AUXDATA" from your existing project file to be transfered to the robot:

Better tooltips for program calls
The tooltip for programs in a program call will now show the parameter list:

Abort / Kill on autostart task programs
You can now choose to abort and kill tasks using the autostart program nodes in the AS tree. The task number will be automatically preselected in the "Abort/Kill dialog".

Rearrange inspection list
It is now possible to rearrange the inspection list via drag and drop in the inspection list dialog:

When right-clicking on a data or program node in the AS tree and selecting "load from robot" or "import", you will not be propted to confirm the overwrite if the data node has unsaved data (is dirty). The new fix now checks the dirty state and asks you if needed:

When adding a new program it was possible to get an error.

As always: feel free to download, install and test the new update and leave your comments! - Thank you!

Christian Quante
Technical Sales
Sales Department

Kawasaki Robotics GmbH
Rheiner Landstrasse 195A • 49078 Osnabrück


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BETA / Update

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