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BETA / Update

#1 by cquante , Thu Jul 08, 2021 2:31 pm

This update fixes some issues with the editor in "inspection mode". The problem was not the editor itself but the message handling while inspection through the list. So there are some background improvements now to the inspection list. The inspection list handling was shifted to a messaging system instead of a waiting loop. I feel like K-IDE responds now better than before when using the inspection list.

Beside that, many other connector functions between the user interface and the communication thread are now be improved too.

The editor got some minor improvements. First of all, the syntax highlighting is improved from 16 sylesets to 32. Beside that, the "full-line-selection" is improved. Full-line-selection is activated if you click in the line number area with the left mousebutton and drag up or down. You'll find all lines been selected that you drag over in the line number area. That is not new, but previously if you copy or cut the selected lines, you missed the last line break. As a result if you cut the selected text, an empty line was left and if you paste the text in column one of another line it was inserted before that line and the line was appended to the end of the last pasted line. With the new update you'll realize if you full-select a line that the cursor was placed in the first row of the next line.

We've tested the functionallity in our environment with some test cases, but as ever it's not tested in production cases. So be careful with this new version an keep an older, stable version at hand.

As always: feel free to download, install and test the new update and leave your comments! - Thank you!

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BETA / Update
BETA / Update

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