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K-IDE Update procedure

#1 by cquante , Wed Sep 29, 2021 9:58 am

In the K-IDE world, updates are (mostly) provided as an archive of multiple files used to replace the existing files in the K-IDE folder of a previously installed K-IDE version.


  • Previously installed K-IDE version (use the latest version)
  • Update archive

  • Be sure you have installed the latest version of K-IDE before using the update!
  • Be sure the update is made for that latest version! Example: Use to update version to BETA 35. Do not apply the update to version 1.1 or later!

Update process:
1. Download the update archive from the forum

2. Open the download folder

3. Select the file properties of th downloaded archive

4. Unlock the archive file

5. Open the archive file, select all files and copy the files.

6. Navigate to your K-IDE folder (mostly C:\Program files\KIDE) and paste the files

7. Check the option to overwrite all existing files. Be careful when overwriting XML files in your K-IDE folder. Your settings may be overwritten! Maybe the selection "Let me decide for each file" is the better solution for you.

8. You're done, all files are replaced with the newer one

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RE: K-IDE Update procedure

#2 by harry , Wed Jun 26, 2024 2:04 pm

Where can I download the installation program for KIDE

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RE: K-IDE Update procedure

#3 by harry , Thu Jun 27, 2024 5:16 am

I have found it.

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BETA / Update
BETA / Update

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