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Features and wishes

#1 by Mwirenfeldt ( deleted ) , Tue Sep 19, 2023 10:00 pm


I have some wishes to K-IDE
We at Bila Group (Denmark) have used our own programming software for several years. and i have talked with some of my collegues. we have following surgestions and wishes to K-IDE

1. the posibility to undock Terminal/inspections list.

2. Shortcut to a makro, if i select a variabel in the program and K-IDE would make a makro in the terminal: Type "Seleted"
In our own software we use:

  • CTRL+W toType "Selected"

  • CTRL+S to Type Sig("Selected")

  • Double-Left-Click on a Posision Variable to Point "Selected"

  • It would be easier and faster than writing Type "Selected" or using the Inspection list.

    3. a Shortcut to Send Selected Program.

    4: Dark Mode

    5: Reals, Interger, Strings etc. Import from CSV, it look like it is posible in Signals


    The following user say thank you: FBF_BILA
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    RE: Features and wishes

    #2 by cquante , Wed Oct 04, 2023 6:50 am

    Dear Mark,

    thank you for your suggestions!

    1. A good point.
    2. Did you give the "Source Code Inspection" a try? In this mode inspection is shown via tooltip.
    3. Okay. Which key combination would you prefer?
    4. Needs a total redesign of all K-IDE icons and graphics (huge work).
    5. It's implemented for signals because of the possible interchange with PLCs and other devices. What is the use case for the other variable types? The data interchange format in K-IDE ist the AS (compatible) Language. It's used for copy&paste and import/export.

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