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Extracting Signals (I/Os) List directly from Controller

#1 by NChew , Wed Jan 24, 2024 2:42 am

Hi there,

Greetings to all Kawasaki robot users! Would like to quickly check if KIDE has the functionality to extract the IO signals similar to offline programming softwares from other European brands which shows an IO mapping table? Both my local Kawasaki office's engineer and I gave it a go (retrieve selected items from robot under signals tab) but we both encountered the error below.

KIDE IO Error.png - Bild entfernt (keine Rechte)

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RE: Extracting Signals (I/Os) List directly from Controller

#2 by cquante , Thu Jan 25, 2024 9:02 am


thank you for your comment!

I'm not sure if I understand correctly: You like to read out the I/O configuration from the robot's controller?

Basically the "configuration" has to be done via K-IDE. The robot controller does not know about that configuration. The controller only knows how many I/O's are available. That is also the case with system signals (shown in you screenshot). To include a list of predefined signals you can use the CSV import functionallity.

If the robot program is coded with K-IDE and the developer defined the signals well, then there is a list of signals still in the controller and the message box you showed in your scrennshot should not appear.

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