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Offline Debugging Function

#1 by NChew , Fri Mar 01, 2024 6:11 am

Hi all KIDE experts out there,

It seems like when I upload the programs/code to my robot controller, the internal KRTerm screen will automatically debug my code changes and prompt me when there are syntax errors. Thus, is it possible to do the debugging offline within KIDE before I even upload my new code to the robot? Just quickly checking if there are any options or functions for debugging features as I am unable to get any information in the user manual on this.

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RE: Offline Debugging Function

#2 by cquante , Mon Mar 04, 2024 6:30 am

Hello Nicholas,

the messages you see in the terminal & log window are messages from the controller. This is not a debugging function, but only a simple syntax check. For checking the syntax offline you need to upload your code to a virtual controller like PC-AS or K-Roset.

K-IDE is not able to do debugging but if you need it, you may take a look at K-Roset's "AS-IDE". AFAIK it's included in K-Roset since a few versions. The workflow for AS-IDE is totally different from K-IDE's workflow, but you can check programs coded by K-IDE offline in a K-Roset project. Please keep in mind that debugging is only supported for virtual controllers.

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