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Update 20200604

#1 by cquante , Fri Jun 05, 2020 7:50 am

This update (hopefuly) fixes the following bugs:

Zitat von zuoyuanchun im Beitrag Good News ! I found a project
Dear Master
Today, I talked with a software development friend about this software. He read about the overlapping bugs. He speculated that the software may use the FastColoredTextBox code highlighting plugin. Because the plugin does not support Chinese well, the Chinese gods have done Regarding the support of this Chinese repair version, other language versions have not been tested. The source code of FastColoredTextBox repair is sent to your mailbox because the file is too large. The relevant code hopes to help you.

Zitat von zuoyuanchun im Beitrag AS Sourcecode textbox can't input chinese
In the programs edit textbox control ,can't input the chinese.
Could you try insert the words:
textBox1.ImeMode = System.Windows.Forms.ImeMode.On;

Another questions:
chinese in the textbox is overlap,
The reason is that the textbox control only allows one byte of display
The solution I provided:
When opening as file or loading robot data (robot to kide), convert ansi to unicode display and edit

using System.Text;

OutputEncoding = Encoding.Unicode;

When save as file to the computer or load to the robot
convert Unicode to the Ansi.
If using ANSI, text encoding can be detected
0x00 ~ 0x7f use one byte width display
0x80 ~ 0xFFFF use two bytes width display
This can also be solved

Zitat von zuoyuanchun im Beitrag Interface panel BUG
In the robot Interface panel,The 08-Vanable Date Display ,Date type options,in the robot date,
1 is the integer ,(整数)
2 is the reals ,(实数) in the chinese reals name is 实数
0 is the code mode(***** display),but the robot Teach pendant can not choose this mode
I will be sinicized fix this lables.

another problem
In the K-Translate edit xml files,I can not find the KIDE menu(Optionem,farben,Syntax-Hervorhebung,Kategorie),like the Zeichenkettenkonstanten Kommentare SYmbole ......,I can not find the label ,In chinese language is display empty,could you tell me how edit the label in the K-Translate.

Thank you Zuo for your investigation!

Please download and check if K-IDE is running in your location / language / robot language!

Additionally there are some other fixes like number-of-axes-for-a-connected-robot-fix and other.

Christian Quante
Project Support & Development
Technical Department

Kawasaki Robotics GmbH
Rheiner Landstrasse 195A • 49078 Osnabrück


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